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About me in a few words


My whole life I have been fascinated by the beautiful things that surround us, either natural or man-made. Travelling the world helped me opened up my horizons to different designs and way of lives. Now I incorporate my knowledge in the interiors I create so that people can submerge in beautiful, practical, and relaxing indoor environment. Interior design has always been my passion and I’m truly happy it’s my profession.

Before I indulge in interior design I have experience in other fields such as graphic design, website development, SEO, and business administration. My business education and experience are a big plus because interior design is not just colours, textures, and shapes (especially in big projects). Finding the right furniture-treasures and suppliers around the world, negotiating great deals, and organizing overseas transportation, is part of the job too. Also Excel is a great a partner when it comes to budgets. ;)

My passions are nature, animals, travelling, design, and technology.


Some of my projects with links

Key points

  • Skills
    • Interior design
    • Photography
    • Multimedia projects
    • Presentations and brochures
    • Travel guru
  • Lanuages
    • Bulgarian: native
    • English: fluent
    • Italian: very good
  • Programs
    • Autodesk Autocad: excellent
    • Adobe Photoshop: excellent
    • Adobe Illustrator: excellent
    • 3DS MAX: very good
    • MS Office: excellent
    • And many others
  • Computer Languages
    • HTML5: excellent
    • CSS3: excellent
    • C#: good
    • JavaScript: good
    • PHP: some
    • WordPress: some
  • Web
    • SEO - search engine optimization: expert
    • Google AdWords: certified
    • Google Webmaster Tools: expert

Now say "Hello!"

Rossitsa Stancheva


+359 878 931 933

Sofia, Bulgaria