Dream big

because dreams come true!

About me in a few words

Thanks to the fast changing world nowadays I have experience in many fields. Most of it is in business administration and its various forms. Accounting and paper work are not scary words for me, actually the opposite. I'm highly organized and I love putting everything in a perfect system. There are no lost documents or files if I'm around, and I can surely find them in just a few minutes.

My love for technologies pushed me to learn coding. I have code in C#, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, some WordPress and PHP. So far I'm not an expert and my experience is limited but gradually this will change. I love clean, organized code. My main focus has always been on the user so usability and SEO are my second nature. Oh, and I'm Google AdWords certiified as well.

Although I have no specific education in interior design, I have lots of experience in that field. And I'm really good at it! I have drawn from scratch many interiors and then supervised the realization of the projects. I have received many "Wow!" for them and that has made me very happy.

My passions are animals, travelling, design and technology. I hope someday I'll find a way to mix those and earn my living by them.


Key points

  • Lanuages
    • Bulgarian: native
    • English: fluent
    • Italian: very good
  • Computer Languages
    • HTML5: excellent
    • CSS3: excellent
    • JavaScript: good
    • C#: good
    • PHP: some
    • WordPress: some
  • Web
    • SEO - search engine optimization: expert
    • Google AdWords: certified
    • Google Webmaster Tools: expert
  • Programs
    • MS Office: excellent
    • Adobe Photoshop: very good
    • Adobe Illustrator: very good
    • SublimeText: very good
    • WAMP: very good
    • MS Visual Studio: good
    • And a lot of others
  • Skills
    • Interior design
    • Photography
    • Multimedia projects
    • Presentations and brochures
    • Travel guru

Now say "Hello!"

Rossitsa Stancheva


+359 878 931 933

Sofia, Bulgaria